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Chevy Volt.


Chevy's new prototype is a Gas hybrid..
Or Biodiesel hybrid. Or e85 hybrid.

That can run in pure electric mode for around 60 miles before needing to hit the alt fuels to use the 1L engine to recharge the batteries. It'll also Park mode if you leave the engine running, so no need to find a power outlet while you're inside shopping, just keyless lock it and do your thing while the batteries charge up the rest of the way.

The 120-kW electric motor is equivalent to a 160-hp engine, and delivers instantaneous torque in electric mode, so you get acceleration faster than traditional torque curve in certain gasoline-powered engines. It goes 0–60 in 8 to 8.5 seconds. Battery life is about 10 years.

This is a concept vehicle, not in production yet.
Allegedly they plan to start making them, but... we all know how that goes.

So. If you would all be so kind as to:
- Click the Vote for Volt button:
- Contact them directly via:
- Spread this information around.

The more voices in favor of this reach their ears, the more likely it becomes.
Every bit helps.
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